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  • Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival

Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival

Few cultural institutions in the U.S. have the enduring power of jazz. One of the country’s most vivacious celebrations of this rich musical genre takes place in the heart of every winter in Rockville, Maryland: the legendary Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival.

A Tradition of Entertainment & Education

Presented by the Jazz Academy of Music and the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, this much-loved event evolved from the East Coast Jazz Festival that was established in 1992 by great D.C.-area jazz singer and teacher Ronnie Wells. The Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival carries on its forerunner’s unique wintertime schedule, which stands in contrast to most other jazz festivals in the nation. The timetable’s a very conscious choice by the organizers to both showcase and inspire student musicians.

Extraordinary artists from the D.C. metro area and far beyond take the stage at the Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival, which every year gestures at the incredible breadth of this music: from the traditional to the boundary-pushing.

Enjoy the Perfect Hotel Lodging for the Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival

Come enjoy the talents of regional and touring jazz musicians—and watch torches being passed as a new generation of players stakes out its artistic territory—at the Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival, and stay with us at the Holiday Inn Express Baltimore at the Stadiums while you do. Our well-appointed hotel accommodations are within easy reach of Rockville, so we’re an ideal Jazz Festival home base!

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