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  • Light City Baltimore

Light City Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland’s glittering cityscape is impressive enough in full nighttime glory, but beginning in 2016 things cranked up a notch or three. That year marked the debut of the country’s first big international light festival, Light City Baltimore, a one-of-a-kind free annual event drawing hundreds of thousands of Baltimoreans and out-of-towners alike.

Let There Be Light

Across nine days, Light City sees the Inner Harbor gleam and flicker with dozens of spectacular lit-up sculptures, installations, projected imagery, and other marvels composing the BGE Light Art Walk, centerpiece of the festival. These feature the creative designs and innovative technologies of participating artists from all over the world, including local creators.

Icons of the downtown Baltimore skyline such as City Hall also glow with special displays. The Neighborhood Lights initiative, meanwhile, extends Light City’s illuminated magic into numerous districts beyond downtown and the Inner Harbor: Artists-in-residence work alongside particular neighborhoods to design and install public light-art projects there.

Other Light City Baltimore Happenings

The luminous pageantry comes attended by plenty of live concerts, DJ sets, dance performances, puppetry, fashion shows, and other onstage entertainment at the Inner Harbor Amphitheater. And the illumination of Light City isn’t just of the literal kind: The Labs@LightCity conference will include lectures, presentations, and discussions aimed at fostering social change.

Enjoy Light City Baltimore During Your Holiday Inn Express Stay

In Light City, Baltimore claims a public art and community festival like none other. To take in the fabulous artwork, live entertainment, and Labs@LightCity programs, choose the convenient and well-equipped hotel accommodations of Holiday Inn Express Baltimore at the Stadiums—just minutes from the fluorescent Inner Harbor!

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